Is Calendly HIPAA compliant? - find out

While the short answer is no for the question of the blog title, there are many interesting layers to the answer. Read on to know more.

HIPAA Compliance

Almost everyone who has scheduled online meetings might have heard about Calendly. Calendly is a tool that simplifies scheduling online sessions so that communication becomes hassle-free. The platform takes security very seriously and regularly updates its security policies on its website. If you are looking for a quick answer as to whether Calendly is HIPAA compliant, the short answer is NO. However, if you want more information, read on as I would explain the topic in question.

What does Calendly say about HIPAA compliance?

When I got in touch with the folks in Calendly and asked them about their opinion on the roadmap for HIPAA compliance, I heard the following from them:

  • Calendly is a secure platform; we take all necessary precautions to secure the patients' information.
  • TLS SHA-256 with RSA Encryption is one of the prominent measures
  • Our Calendly website is served using the Heroku platform.
  • All workers' information security obligations are communicated and periodically reviewed.
  • While we take the security steps listed above and others, Calendly should not be utilized to collect Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • We recommend that customers who prioritize HIPAA compliance avoid putting any personal or medical inquiries in the question form invitees fill out when scheduling.

Ok. What is the solution for me looking for a HIPAA-compliant scheduling software?

There is a high probability that you landed on this article looking for a solution rather than just an answer to the question - Is Calendly HIPAA compliant? Please do not get disheartened, as I have some Calendly alternatives which are HIPAA compliant. Let's have a quick look, shall we?

Acuity Scheduling

One of the most popular online scheduling software, Acuity Scheduling, can also be HIPAA compliant. The organization is willing to sign a BAA and incorporates many security safeguards to safeguard PHI. Remember that to obtain HIPAA-compliant features, you must join up for the Powerhouse plan. Sign up for a 7-day free trial to evaluate the platform.

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CareCloud is cloud-based software that offers appointment scheduling capabilities. CareCloud includes a BAA in its terms and conditions and provides numerous security measures to customize the software for HIPAA compliance.


CentralReach is intended for ABA therapy providers. It comes as no surprise that CentralReach adheres to HIPAA security regulations. The company includes a BAA in its terms of service and provides various security elements. HIPAA compliance is possible with CentralReach.


NexHealth is appointment scheduling software built exclusively for covered businesses. During the registration process, a BAA is included to confirm that NexHealth is making reasonable efforts to protect PHI. NexHealth is HIPAA-compliant. Get started here with the pricing and to know more about the platform.


Appointment scheduling is one of the numerous elements in NueMD that help healthcare providers run their business. NueMD is HIPAA compliant because it was developed for covered entities. NueMD provides a BAA and can protect PHI from unauthorized users.


Phreesia also serves healthcare providers directly, and its website indicates that it will sign a BAA. It also contains several security features, such as encryption and 24-hour electronic surveillance. Phreesia has HITRUST CSF certification and is HIPAA compliant.


One of PracticeSuite's advantages is online scheduling. PracticeSuite is a HIPAA-compliant vendor. A BAA is incorporated in the standard terms of service and the company and provides several security and privacy safeguards to protect PHI. Signup for the vendor today.


Setmore Health may be a HIPAA-compliant vendor. A BAA is included during the account setup process, and covered companies can restrict specific features for greater security and HIPAA compliance. Setmore has a free plan, and you can get started in minutes.


SimplyBook is HIPAA-compliant, but you must select a Standard or Premium subscription to access HIPAA-related data protection features. SimplyBook does provide a BAA to assure the security of PHI. SimplyBook has both a free-forever plan and a free trial of 14 days. Signup today and take the platform for a spin.


WebPT, unlike some other appointment scheduling software, does not go into detail about its security measures. However, given the company's focus on the rehab therapy industry, it's unsurprising that it includes a BAA in its service. WebPT can meet HIPAA compliance.


Zocdoc is yet another healthcare-focused service provider. While the platform provides a BAA, a covered entity need to opt out of the Zocdoc authorization before obtaining it. Zocdoc is HIPAA-compliant. Join the platform today with no upfront or subscription costs.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that No answers the question - Is Calendly HIPAA compliant? You can quickly evaluate some of the Calendly alternatives which are HIPAA compliant. As mentioned before, it is always better to discuss with your online scheduling vendor about any compliance questions you might have.

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