ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail - all you need to know

In this article about ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail, we will focus on the most important aspects of both tools and how they are impacting the email marketing automation space.

ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail - all you need to know

Unless there is a revolutionary marketing channel to dethrone email marketing, email marketers would be the go-to for organizations who want quality leads for their business. Email marketing is cost-effective as most platforms set price tiers based on the business type and offer scalability. It is easier now to smartly target your audience through automated segmentation capability. Not only that, an email marketing platform can offer you personalization, scalability, better analytics, and so on. Note that this article is specifically about ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail. This perspective will be interesting as these have slightly different use cases despite similar email automation tools. Let's get started.

Tell me about ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign product dashboard screenshot

ActiveCampaign is customer journey automation software that aids in the growth of organizations of all kinds. You may use ActiveCampaign to create and execute personalized email campaigns, track leads and sales, and automate marketing activities. In other words, ActiveCampaign is an automation software for all the stages of the customer acquisition process. ActiveCampaign integrates with other major software applications, seamlessly connecting your marketing and sales data.

ActiveCampaign touches upon some of the most important metrics needed in a customer journey automation platform, like web tracking, segmentation, email marketing, forms, deliverability, event tracking, landing pages, sales & marketing automation, lead scoring, split testing, conversational metrics, etc.

The best way to experience email marketing software is to use the free trial so that we can understand the features in real time and see if it matches our requirements. You can signup for a free 14-day trial of ActiveCampaign and see if it is something your business wants today.

Tell me about tinyEmail now

tinyEmail product snapshot

tinyEmail(I like how the letter E is capitalized!!) is an AI-based email marketing platform. I know you have heard a lot about AI nowadays, but I firmly believe even an AI platform must be stable and scalable.

tinyEmail is a next-generation email marketing software that assists businesses in growing by sending engaging, on-brand emails.. tinyEmail can help you increase clicks, create an urgency factor, and improve sales. You'll grasp the full impact of your marketing efforts with automated tracking of traffic, sales, and revenue conversions. tinyEmail's platform, with its intuitive interface, creates visually appealing & responsive emails that are simple without any coding experience.

Note that tinyEmail is a relatively new email automation software with a lot of significance in email personalization. Critical features include Drip Campaigns. Click Map, Drag and Drop Editor, Template Management, A/B Testing, Spam Check, Document Library, and more. tinyEmail has a free forever plan, and I would recommend you sign up for the free plan to get a feel of the platform.

ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail feature comparison

Features ActiveCampaign tinyEmail
Ease of use Been in the market for a long. They act on customer feedback and continuously work towards an intuitive interface Super fast for small teams. Customers can set up email campaigns within 5 minutes.
Email templates Over 125+ email templates 50+ templates. AI makes it easier to create new templates
Email Automation Advanced automation features Basic automation
Landing page builder Built-in landing page builder No
Marketing automation Drag & drop automation, 20+ triggers, and other advanced options Most automation options are in the beta stage
Integrations Integrates with almost 900 tools 5000+ integrations
AI Has a beta version for content generation. It has AI for subject line generation. Much more to come
Reporting & Analytics Advanced and detailed analytics & reporting Basic reporting

ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail support

Support is very critical for any SaaS tool. While most platforms strive for product-led support through online resources, you need a knowledgeable support team to handle your queries if you are stuck somewhere or facing an issue.

ActiveCampaign has been in the market for some time now, and they have a strong support team. You can reach them by raising a support ticket on their website, chat support, or community forums. They also have many resources to help you understand each aspect of their email marketing platform. In comparison, tiny email does have help documents and chat support on its website.

ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail user reviews

I have curated some of the most critical user reviews across the web for ActiveCampaign and tinyEmail. Here you go.

ActiveCampaign user reviews


  • Advanced automation features
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Landing page builder
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Excellent customer service


  • Expensive
  • Complex platform
  • Not all CRM systems are compatible
  • No freemium option
  • Lengthy sales process

Source: G2Crowd

tinyEmail user reviews


  • tinyEmail is an extremely user-friendly email marketing tool. Even if you could be more tech-savvy, you should be able to get started fast and effortlessly.
  • tinyEmail has a variety of strong capabilities, including segmentation, personalization, and automated sales tracking. As a result, you can build highly focused and effective email campaigns.
  • tinyEmail is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other email marketing systems.
  • tinyEmail provides amazing AI capabilities and has more to come in the pipeline.


  • tinyEmail only provides a small number of email templates. If you search for a platform with many templates, this could be an issue.
  • tinyEmail does not support A/B testing, a useful feature that allows you to test several versions of your email campaigns to discover which performs best.
  • tinyEmail does not have a mobile application. This may be an issue if you wish to view your email campaigns from your smartphone or tablet.

Source: Trustpilot

ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail pricing

As ActiveCampaign has grown into such a comprehensive marketing automation platform, there are multiple pricing levels. The email automation and marketing capabilities start at $49, and the sales engagement capabilities start at $19. These are bundles, API offerings for transactional emails, etc. The best way to understand if the offering matches you require to sign up for a free trial today.

TinyEmail has a free forever plan, but other pricing tiers are also available based on your specific requirements and scalability. Get started by signing up for a free plan today.

Final thoughts

When we look at ActiveCampaign vs. tinyEmail findings, it's evident that they're two distinct automation platforms with very different audiences. ActiveCampaign's interface and features cater to experienced email marketers, whereas tinyEmail's interface and features cater to rookie email marketers or users who care more about the interface than feature depth.

Finally, the decision between ActiveCampaign and tinyEmail is based on your requirements. If you are a newbie email marketer who wants a fast and easier email marketing tool, go for tinyEmail. If you already know much about email marketing, go for ActiveCampaign. Let me know in the comments today about your trial experience and findings.